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I am the Creative Director at my Boutique Advertising Agency

We have offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London. 

My Agency specializes in luxury high end products and services with a focus on the European, Canadian, and Asian markets and I love what I do!

Freelance Photograper Since 1978

Taking photos of Concerts, Social Events, Buildings and Strangers is my passion and a hobby that pays! How lucky is that!

Volunteer Work is the Key to Happiness

People need to help others and through volunteer work, we can all make the world a better place.

Writing with a Nom de Plume

I love writing.  The best part of using a nom de plume, is that men will agree with a male writer more often than a female.  And vice versa.  Plus, using a nom de plume allows writers to enjoy their privacy

Keep Calm & Check for Typos

Typos happen! and with the inception of social media, I've seen some truly sadistic and cruel comments by strangers to people who post shared ideas over something so silly as a typo.

Does a typo make your day that traumatic?  YIKES!  I keep Editors employed with my typos!

Social Media

Yes, I am on social media, and post the images that I haven't sold on my official pages.

Please say hello to me on there.


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I love what I do and I enjoy life!

Take the time to be happy, you deserve it.

Lucinda Lewis Official Site