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"On the Edge of Eternity"


October 25 1998 - Los Angeles Times Magazine.

"On the Edge of Eternity" by Lynn Morgan

"After the Rat Pack"


January 2001  -Los Angeles Magazine 

"After the Rat Pack"  by Mark Ehrman, 

THE SHUTTERED AMBASSADOR HOTEL STILL HEADLINES SOME REAL HEP CATS  THE ONCE-RESPLENDENT Ambassador Hotel, its 24 acres languishing  behind chainlink and barbed wire, is not the desolate hulk it appears to  be. The current occupants are quieter than Sammy, Frank, and Dino, who  partied here, but they likewise avoid the daylight. 

 As the sun sets behind the Wilshire high-rises and dinner hour  approaches, a large fluffy black-and-white male pads by the hotel's  Cocoanut Grove nightclub, a fluorescent light still illuminating the  carpeted walkway. Some gray tabbies, some orange, a Siamese, and a  calico file out from under the bungalow that F. Scott and Zetda  Fitzgerald are said to have set afire with their hotel bill. Glowing  eyes and upraised tails appear all over the massive front lawn, and  black cats slink down the palm-lined driveway. … 


"A legend they can Count"


June 3 1995 - Herald Scotland

"A legend they can Count"  by Kirsty Scott, 

"City Border Called Elitist"


December 1993 Los Angeles Times

 "City Border Called Elitist" by Rick Holguin, a Staff Writer



1992 Ungawa Magazine (GB) 

 Issue 4  "Vampires" by  Cathal Tohill

"The Vampire Book: An Encyclopedia of the Undead"


Dr. J. Gordon Melton. The Vampire Book: An Encyclopedia of the Undead (1994). Visible Ink Press, 1998. 

ISBN 157859071X 



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